Conscious Birthing - Doula Preparation Training

The Conscious Birthing Doula Training week is a full and comprehensive foundation for starting to work within this amazing vocation.

What makes this particular course unique is the blend of intimacy, informality and fun alongside dense learning and growth which occurs during our week.

We spend time reflecting on our own birth stories or those around us, which serve as a gateway into the subject and we come back to our experiences again and again during the week, reflecting back on the way in which we experience our stories and how they sometimes change and grow as we learn. Women often find new understanding about their own births and sometimes old hurts or unanswered questions are laid to rest.

Sharing our own thoughts and feelings around birth is the very best foundation for working as a Doula. We gain much from these ‘blueprints’ as we begin to see how they can influence the way in which we might begin our Doula Practice. The opportunity to initiate a clear path to allow a non-judgemental approach is invaluable.

Conscious Birthing Doula training is truly Holistic, in that we examine the medical models as well as the alternatives and spend time on not just what might happen in a Hospital Birth for example, but how our presence could contribute, or indeed hinder the woman's progress. We always include Homebirth, Hospital or Birthing Centre choices, transfers to hospital and waterbirth at home or other venues. We look at what it means to work within a healthcare team and discover ways in which to move with grace alongside your client’s team and to establish good relationships within it.

We examine what it means to be an advocate and learn ways in which to support women and their partners during labour and birth by means of empowerment, as well as traditional comfort measures.

Discussing what you might offer in your Prenatal sessions with a couple, how you might feel at your first birth and what may come up for your client Postnatally for example, allows you to achieve a solid sense of ‘hands on’ information and exploration into the depth of this path. We spend time on the marketing aspect too and discuss ways to start your Practice as a Doula and to network within your community, as well as with other Doulas. We intend to leave no stone unturned and this helps you to leave us feeling curious, confident and excited by your new vocation.

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