"I first met Samsara through a friend years before I got pregnant and I swore that if I ever had a baby, she would be my doula. She was the most motherly person I have ever met! It was a good call. I think having Samsara as my doula saved me from serious post-natal depression. Piper's birth was far longer and far more painful than I had ever imagined it could be, but Samara was there for me whenever I needed her. When Piper's heart rate dipped and sent me into a pain-induced panic attack, Samsara's was the only voice that could bring me back to earth again. Without her I think my partner and I would have found the whole experience of birth completely traumatising. With her, we found it difficult but transformative. I literally can't find the words which would explain how important she was to us." 

Sandra, John & Ezra

"Beginning my journey into motherhood for the first time aged 42, living many miles from family, and without a natural community of female support, was both wonderful and daunting. The decision to seek out and engage a Doula for the journey was an easy one. Choosing Samsara, was even easier.

Samsara's experience, knowledge, wisdom, passion, commitment and love for her vocation are clearly evident. Her presence and support, before, during and after the birth of our beautiful son, are a gift for which she will always have our deepest gratitude. With much love and thanks".


"I want to express this wonderful experience of having you around our birth. You gave me strength to give birth my way. I saw my baby emerge and caught her with my own hands. Its been a true blessing to have your advice during my pregnancy, which made me understand more clearly, how i wanted my birth and how to achieve it.

This was my third birth and it was the most easy one, because i could let go of thinking, just being in my space. The simple knowing of having a wise woman as doula support empowered me to receive my baby in peace. 

I absolutely enjoyed the time surrounding the birth. I am grateful receiving your wisdom and love. You held the space, spiritually safe and there was a deep sense of grounding love".

Davina, Rib and Arlo

"Having Samsara as our doula was truly a blessing. During my pregnancy she kept me calm and positive, and she helped to prepare my partner and I both mentally and emotionally for childbirth and the post-natal period. Her warm, wise, serene presence at the birth of our son was such a comfort. She instilled me with great confidence, enabling me to have the natural birth I had hoped for, but never quite believed was possible. Samsara was a well of love throughout my labour - she provided me with natural pain relief when I most needed it, kept the atmosphere calm and upbeat and supported both my partner and I unconditionally. We will be forever grateful to Samsara for the vital role that she played in making the birth of our son such a magical, joy-filled experience".