Samsara Doula


Beautifully tailored experiences for each blossoming family


Why Birth Experiences?

Giving birth is one of the most transformative times in your life. It is a life changing experience. Women have always know to gather support and care around them self. This knowledge was passed from mother to daughter. It was the way it was. In these changing times you might not have family or feel it is right to invite them for this time. The Doula has always been here, she is as old as time. Planning to gather around you with loving hands and nurturing care. To hold and support your new family so that you can really drink in this precious and challenging time as a Newborn Muma.

My beautiful tailored birth experiences are created in a way to give you and your partner all the loving care and guidance for your journey. They range from me holding space for you as just a Birth Only Doula all the way through to the offering of being your Wonderlust Doula who can travel to you, stay and support you though out this new transition and care in any way you need. As your doula I bring my passion and knowledge of many years of caring for birthing and new mamas. It is something I am, not what I do. 


Birth Preparation & Birth Doula


BLOSSOMING doula care includes

  •  2 antenatal visits where we will cover everything that will enable you to feel confident and excited about your birth. This includes exploring all your options for birth choices, birth plans, comfort measures and support plus much more.

  • I will be you on call for you from 38 weeks until your baby is born. With an unlimited phone or email contact. I will come to you in labour whenever you need me too and stay until your little one arrives, and you have had your golden time together as a new muma and family.

  • I will visit the next day to see that everything is going well and you are supported in any way you need to start your journey as a newborn muma.

  • I will arrange a visit after a couple of weeks to catch up have a birth debrief and complete our doula journey together.

Your investment for my doula care is £2,000


Full birth doula and postnatal doula care


BLOOMING full doula care includes

  •  4 antenatal visits, preparing you and your partner for your babies birth, supporting you to feel confident in yourself and your birth choices.  One session will be a Postnatal plan session, helping you prepare for life and feeding your newborn.

  • We will cover understanding childbirth, discussing together birth plans, and comfort measures, including using KGHypnobirthing techniques. Preparing to feed your baby, and care of newborns. As well as guidance on how you can have a gentle postnatal recovery.

  • I will offer you access to my extensive library of books and DVDs. As well as any evidence research I can access for you. Helping you to feel you can make informed decisions.

  • An invitation to attend a weekend Village Birthkeepers KG Hypnobirthing weekend, a wonderful chance to dive deep into your birth preparation. Meet other parents to be. This course alone is valued at £295, but complementary if I'm YOUR doula. 

  • I can help prepare and hold a "Mother Blessing" gathering for you and your friends and family if this is something you have dreamed of.

  • I will be on call for you 24 hours a day from 38 weeks until your little one arrives. You will also have another experienced doula as a backup and extra support if needed. And unlimited phone or email contact with me.

  • After your little one arrives I will stay with you those first golden hours to support you in establishing feeding and leave you when you are ready to have your quiet and restful first hours as a newborn Muma.

  • I will prepare your placenta and make enriching placenta pills and a placenta tincture for you.

  • The day after your baby's birth I will start my first of five postnatal visits. Bringing simple nourishing postnatal foods, including a wonderful bespoke herbal package full of teas, and oils to help restore your strength from @animama_uk

  • The visits will also include breastfeeding support, and comforting womb massage. With the option of belly binding, and steaming. And of course lots of time to talk and ask any questions to help you find your way in those early days.

  • After around six weeks I will arrange for another visit if you wish where I will bring your placenta tincture and create a Closing of the Bones ceremony for you to complete your birth journey ready to move into New Motherhood.

  • You also have the option of booking me for extended postnatal doula care through my First 40 Days offering. 

Your investment for me as your birth and postnatal doula is £3,250

The Village Birthkeepers

Midwife & Doula package


Birth Love with The Village Birthkeepers care

I also offer my BLOOMING Full Doula support in collaboration with independent midwifery care from Kemi Johnson.

This wonderful offering is for parents who want to really want to take birth into their own hands with abundant care and attention. This full Midwife and doula care package gives you the support and guidance of professional midwife Kemi Johnson, and my full doula care as above. I invite you to have a look for information and costs on out other website.