From my very first pregnancy and birth in 1987 I was totally passionate about the whole experience. I was so inspired that I trained as a childbirth educator and this led me to support many women and their partners through their amazing journeys. Through my own four births, and as well as supporting other women, I feel truly blessed and in owe by our innate female power and the inner knowledge that we hold within us. 

Feeling safe and understood were important to me during labour. Having a supportive female presence helped me towards the joyous meeting with my baby. Knowing I could turn to my doula, ask her advice, and know she could support me, gave me confidence, and I loved having her their sharing my journey. 

I feel that how and where you choose to give birth is a personal choice. I have supported women through varying birth experiences including home births, hospital births, caesarians and water births. There are some truly inspiring people whom I have had the pleasure of learning from personally including courses with Dr Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin and Jeannine Parvati. 

My children Damien, Isadora, Freya and Phoenix have been my greatest teachers. However, the wisdom, love and support given to me by my midwives and doulas during my pregnancies and births have encouraged me to support other women and their families. I look forward to our journey together. 

Blessings Samsara