Gentle Birth Preparation 

My one to one sessions are like having a doula with you as you come to understand the birth journey . We will cover normal physiological labour and birth, but will also explore what it would be like to use options of pain relief. Birth support tools for your partner and you. Preparing your birth plan. This will help you to understand what is important for you in your labour and birth. Being supported as you face fears and worries . Becoming exciting and empowered so you can dream of your little one joining you. 

A private three hour session is £75

Closing The Bones

This is a tradition brought and shared by midwifes from South America  A wonderful way to compleat this post natal period. It is usually given at around six weeks after the baby has been born . Many mothers though are finding it valuable at any time. We will first take time to tell your birth story, maybe you are still feeling raw, shocked or needing to understand more. Wanting to come to a place where you can begin to celebrate the amazing job you have done birthing your beautiful babe.  I will then give you a special womb massage and use the Rebozo(a long scarf) to gently rock and wrap you. Holding you safe and supported. 

Book a special time for you £50 

Mother Blessings

As you wait for you little one to join you, take your time to mark this with a Mother Blessing. I will help create this so you can sit back and receive all the love and good wishes from your friends and family. Traditionally for women, we will arrange tea and cakes , share stories and make beautiful gifts for you to remember that you will be held in their thoughts as you become a New-born Mother .

For the arranging and for the gathering £50

Doula Postnatal Baby-Moon Care

My unique postnatal care can be arranged for that extra special loving touch that you as a New Born Muma deserve at this special time . I will come to you bringing nourishing home made food. Beautiful natural herb gifts of teas, and healing herb blends to sooth your tied body. I can offer breastfeeding support and new baby care including baby massage. I can prepare the food for you to eat while I'm there, or I can hold your little one as you have a specially prepared herb bath and take a little space for you , or have your first bath with baby.  I will give you a womb massage. Helping your womb to return to its pre pregnancy place. Using a Mexican midwife massage technique, as well as rocking you gently with the Rebozo(a long scarf). Your babe can be in your arms all the while or next to you in bed. If you want me to use the belly binding method to give your back and womb extra support, I can wrap you. Leaving you feeling nurtured ,loved, and ready for more of this amazing time called new Motherhood. 

You can book me for just one visit or many. Each visit will be at least three hours.

£125 per visit. (Including food and herbs)